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Just because you are committed to your rugby doesn’t mean the rest of your life, especially your romantic side, needs to be shut down completely – even scrum-half stars have the odd romantic meal with their other halves! Magnums of champagne are an option, but only for winning silverware, there are however other romantic beverages – and meals to make your mouth water. Salmon for Two Salmon could be your Valentine’s Day staple, so think about sautéing two salmon fillets in a teaspoon of olive oil at a medium-heat heat for... Read More



SWELLS AND SORES When you are suffering aches and pains after a hard game or training session, it is probably best to open the fridge rather than the medicine cabinet. Inflaming pain It is not just anti-inflammatory foods that matter – certain foods can cause inflammation and muscle soreness. In order to reach peak fitness and avoid diseases, it’s a good idea to reduce your consumption of complex carbs, fried foods, butter and margarine. Your body will thank you. That’s just swell “Some of the foods that have been associated... Read More

Five recipes to keep you satisfied throughout rugby training

Your training preparation must be an ongoing, 24/7 commitment. It’s not just about pre-game energy foods; it’s also about post-training muscle recovery, and that means having a nutrition plan for every single day. You have to think constantly of your fuels for training, whether you are sprinting, doing weights or preparing for game day. It is so much easier to be continually replenishing your body with energy foods, instead of spending the 24 hours before a match frantically attempting to make up for a lack of preparation throughout the week. It... Read More

Australian Kangaroos Four Nations Range 25/10/2016

2016 Rugby League Four Nations

THE NRL footy season might be over for another year and what a year it was with the Cronulla Sharks taking their first Premiership title and our own Canterbury Headgear Ambassador, Micheal Ennis an integral part of their winning team, but if you’re a rugby league footy fanatic there’s plenty more action to keep you excited with the onset of the 2016 Four Nations. The Australian NRL off-season means the international competition kicks in. The Australian Kangaroo’s will be itching to take on the best of the Northern hemisphere following... Read More



Michael Ennis is on Canterbury’s athlete line-up, representing the brand in its headgear product category. Having experienced many head injuries in previous games, Ennis made a genuine connection to the brand and its safety benefits during his time on the field. Ennis knows first-hand how important protective gear is on-the-field. On Wednesday September 7th, Michael Ennis took to the field to talk safety with the Junior Jaws (holiday clinics for kids, by The Sharks) – with a pep talk to promote the importance or protective headgear and playing safely, to... Read More


5 great exercises to Strengthen Your Core

TOUGH TO THE CORE Core strength training is a crucial part of any rugby training programme. Much of a rugby match involves using brute force against the opposing team, and core strength is vital to giving you the advantage. Building upper body strength takes time and effort, but there are a series of foolproof exercises that can take you a long way towards achieving the core strength needed for this competitive sport. Combined with a good diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep, completing core strength exercises will... Read More


The Sam Burgess Interview Part 3

Indulging, getting game ready and top advice. On indulging… I definitely have a sweet tooth, for my ultimate indulgence it has to be anything sweet, I absolutely love chocolate! If Phoebe and I are out having dinner, I will always want to look at the dessert menu. On Saturday night we went out for a steak and I had a nice Eton Mess for dessert, it was amazing! We don’t have many takeaways but my favourite would have to be Thai, which I guess isn’t that bad? My usual would have... Read More


The Sam Burgess Interview Part 2

On his nickname ‘Slammin’ Sam’, body hang ups and changing codes. On taking care of his body… From a young age, I’ve always had a love of food and a real passion for cooking at home. Nutrition has always been important to me, and I enjoy learning how certain foods can affect my body and performance. The longer I’ve been in the game, the more I have learnt how to look after my body, when I was younger – like many lads, you don’t have that respect for your body... Read More



When fitness jargon requires as much stamina as the game, it’s easy to confuse your Macro’s with your Micro’s and lose your cool. See below for our fitness translations to allow you mix in the elitist of sporting circles.   MACRO NUTRIENTS Macronutrients are key nutrients needed in large volumes to provide calories for energy conversion; these are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats MICRO NUTRIENTS Micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals that are absorbed in smaller quantities for regeneration and growth; these include Iron, Folic Acid and Zinc. DOMS – DELAYED... Read More



Watching sporting greats succeed time after time can often cause you to wonder how it is they do it, with the ability to remain focused in stressful situations and outperform their rivals with military precision and stamina. Not all of us are blessed with physical gifts of strength, speed or endurance, however the ability to effectively manage emotional state has proven power to improve your chances of succeeding on the pitch and beyond. According to a study from Dr Jim Afremow, the author of The Champion’s Mind – How Great Athletes... Read More