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Our baselayer garments are fundamental training essentials. After undertaking research and development to design the optimal baselayers, we’ve created a range that is suitable for seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

At Canterbury, we’ve worked hard to develop baselayer compression gear that not only compresses the core muscles and aids recovery, it also effectively regulates body temperature. Using our innovative fabric technology, our baselayer and compression garments help eliminate moisture, keeping you dry, comfortable and able to focus on your performance.

Our range of baselayer compression gear is the finest technical apparel, while still being stylish in design and offering a superior fit. Made using the highest quality materials, we pride ourselves on developing cutting edge fabric that is durable, long-lasting and comfortable. Each piece features the Canterbury logo so you can always feel proud to belong to Canterbury’s dedicated community of athletes and sporting fans.

Leading the way in performance apparel

When Canterbury began in 1904 in New Zealand by three English expats, who identified as proud Kiwis, their vision for creating woollen garments for the changeable New Zealand weather transformed the way rugby and sportswear was made forever. As the reputation for Canterbury clothing grew, so did their reach into all parts of the New Zealand and Australia.

After the All Blacks rugby team asked for a kit to wear during their matches, the label became the go-to sportswear provider for athletes and sporting enthusiasts, as well as sporting fans all across the globe.

Canterbury is all about developing the best clothing and accessories not only for high performing athletes but also for those who lead an active lifestyle. We believe that everyone can benefit from wearing training garments made using the latest fabric technologies to enhance performance and comfort.

Our men’s range of baselayer and compression gear is suitable for athletes as well as those who enjoy exercising when they get a spare 30 minutes. As an important training essential, it’s our aim to bring the best training clothes to everyone, so no matter what style of workout you enjoy, you’ll always perform at your best, stay comfortable while you train, and recover faster in our gear.